A new season a new car


The 2008 season was quite successful with a third place in the championship. There was however only one podium although if I hadn't had trouble with my gearbox I might have picked up two more thirds. So I started to wonder whether I needed a newer car to make more progress. Although I loved my old car to bits I guessed it was holding me back. Six years of difference with the real quick cars is a disadvantage my skills can't even out. Therefore I decided I have a go at the championship with a 1988 car, either a Reynard or a van Diemen.

I had a look at quite a few van Diemen's in Holland but there were no Reynards available. Bernard Baxter went looking in England and he found a reasonable car for a very reasonable price, courtesy of the pound at an all-time low. I went to pick up the car in early January.